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FLY in Higashikawa 2017 - REPORT

15 Mar. 2017
Akira Hatsusegawa


This year’s workshop went pretty quickly as it was shorten from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. Yet the basic structure of the program was the same: we asked the 6 trainees to go to Japanese Language School to take Japanese lessons, and make a film in their free time. The difference was that we asked for drama film last year and the year before, but this time asked them to make a promotional video for the town with 2 themes “Craftsmanship” and “the Town of Photography”. They were split in 2 groups and started their research as soon as they arrived here on the first day.

My hobby is growing tropical fish. I have a small aquarium at my office. When we buy new fish from shop, we have to adjust water temperature and PH value so that the new fish can easily adapt to the new environment. You SHOLDN’T just drop the fish in. What we did for the trainees was pretty much the latter. We put them right into the negative 15℃ world and switch them on to production mode right away. Regardless of the hard landing, all of them did amazing job.

We had many guests for the workshop, and they kindly shared their experiences and expert knowledge with the trainees. Mr. Hiroshi Sugawara is the director of a film about the town’s high school photo competition called “Shashin Koushien”. The film was shot last year. Mr. Tsuguto Fujioka and Mr. Eiichi Tezuka is a team of Commercial Director and Producer/Location Coordinator from Tokyo. We also invited Mr. Choi Yoon, the director of Busan Film Commission and Ms. Jennifer JAO, the director of Taipei Film Commission.

Teaser of "Shashin Koushien" the movie.

Unfortunately, we weren’t blessed with the weather. Asahidake didn’t show up during their stay. Let’s think this way: You saved the best for your next visit.

Here are the links to their films.

Capture Every Moment by Rifyal Giffari

Hello Winter by Hot Ravy

Day Dreaming by Htoo Myat Thiri

Craftsmanship by Kim Youngduck

A Cup of Tea by Carlo Enciso Catu

The Tray by Lim Sipheng

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